Common Entrance & Scholarship Past Paper Questions

This page lists a selection of Common Entrance and Scholarship examination questions.

The majority of these questions have been adapted from papers set over the last ten years. By clicking on the different topic sections you will be able to view the style of questions you are likely to be set.

You should attempt past paper questions as part of your revision programme as this will help to focus your thoughts and answer content.

Together with past paper questions there is also a section containing all global location maps required by the Common Entrance & Common Academic syllabi.


Common Entrance Questions

Human Geography

Physical Geography




Human Disasters

Weather & Climate


Natural Disasters


Scholarship Questions

Human Geography

Physical Geography


Global Mapping Outlines

Americas Europe Asia Africa United Kingdom
USA Outline South East South Colour Map
South Questions India Various Towns & Cities
Central Capitals Wk. Sheet

Rivers & Highlands

Brazil Countries Work sheet
  Towns & Cites Wk.Sheet
  Colour Map     Outline